Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

So scheduling at work has been crazy today.  So glad I'm off til Thursday after tonight. Really hoping this hurricane doesn't affect Halloween. My favorite holiday and the kids are excited. They've got their costumes all set. I still need to get one. Kinda leaning towards Elvira or a bar maid. :) we'll see what happens.

Made another Christmas stocking today. Working on another now. Really need to get moving forward on the kiddos blankets. I think I'm doing much better with these stockings though. Took a few practice runs but now I'm getting more consistent results.  So my goal is to have a decent stocking completed for each family member by Christmas time. I've got a shot. Maybe next year I can actually sell some at a bazaar or something. We'll see.

I'm thinking maybe I need to challenge myself more. So here's an idea, maybe each week Ill have to learn a new stitch and make something using it. Hmmm that could work I think. I've seen lots of great ideas out there. Going to think some more on that one.

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