Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane, communication and whatever else

Well we got hit with the hurricane here on the east coast yesterday but thankfully my family and friends have come through with very little damage.  My sister is still without power. But I'm sure they'll be up and running again soon. My other sister lives close to the beach and decided to move further inland to her in-laws for the duration. No news on her house yet. Keeping her in my prayers.
Some serious communication issues going around my house yesterday left me a little upset and angry so I didn't feel too much like blogging. I'd hate for my negative attitude to reflect here. I'm trying to move past the issues. Still pretty upset today but I'm not going to create a stir. It is what it is and apparently nothing I say or do is going to change it. Moving on.

Tomorrow is my favorite holiday Halloween. So Happy Halloween Eve everyone. I have my costume, gotta try it on later and make sure it all fits right. Kids costumes need some minor sewing alterations which I'll take care of today.  :) I can't wait to take them trick or treating.

Think I'll bake some cupcakes today and we can decorate them for Halloween. My sister and her family will be joining us for tricks or treats tomorrow. So happy and excited.

Hope everyone has a good Tuesday.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

So scheduling at work has been crazy today.  So glad I'm off til Thursday after tonight. Really hoping this hurricane doesn't affect Halloween. My favorite holiday and the kids are excited. They've got their costumes all set. I still need to get one. Kinda leaning towards Elvira or a bar maid. :) we'll see what happens.

Made another Christmas stocking today. Working on another now. Really need to get moving forward on the kiddos blankets. I think I'm doing much better with these stockings though. Took a few practice runs but now I'm getting more consistent results.  So my goal is to have a decent stocking completed for each family member by Christmas time. I've got a shot. Maybe next year I can actually sell some at a bazaar or something. We'll see.

I'm thinking maybe I need to challenge myself more. So here's an idea, maybe each week Ill have to learn a new stitch and make something using it. Hmmm that could work I think. I've seen lots of great ideas out there. Going to think some more on that one.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Another day another dollar

So the scouting for food bag distribution was pretty good today. We have a new, bigger area to cover this year but I think we did a good job. Tyler did excellent for his first time out. He had so much energy and he was running from house to house slinging bags. :-)
Here's a pic of him and Jay. My oldest son doesn't like me taking pics of him and posting them on anything so unfortunately I dont have one of him today :( gosh he's a difficult 14 year old boy/man sometimes but I love him just the same.  After the scouting event we got a couple of those missed assignments done and he went to a friend's for a sleepover. Now I'm at work and was surprised to find another Avon order waiting for me. Yay!  Think I'll spend some time tomorrow setting up the basement area I spoke about. My first order should be arriving early in the week so I want to be setup so I can organize everything that comes.

Friday, October 26, 2012


Ok well my head is feeling a bit better. Thankfully! Still a dull throbbing but hopefully some sleep will help. Early morning tomorrow because it Scouting for Food Drive bag distribution for both my sons. Its a great event. For those who dont know what it is its when the Boy Scouts of America go around the neighborhoods and put empty plastic bags on household doors to be filled with canned and/or boxed goods then the following weekend they return and collect the full bags and bring them to the local firehouse where the older boy scouts pack them into boxes and load the boxes onto the delivery truck which then takes them all to the Rhode Island Community Food Bank. Its a great event and I love being a part of it. This will be my 5th year participating. I'm looking forward to it.
On another note I believe I will be getting another Avon order, this one from a male customer. :) See Avon really is for everybody. I'm mailing his brochure to him tomorrow. I am anxiously awaiting my first orders arrival. :)



Still have a migraine. :(
Went to the meeting with Roberts teachers. Wow what a fantastic team he has. Great people. He got a second chance given to him today and I will make sure he not only uses it but doesn't fall back again. He is so bright, he understands the material, hes just a super lazy, into video games, typical 14 year old boy that needs to do his homework. He's going to have a heck of  busy weekend. :-)
Did I mention I still have a terrible migraine?  Took 5 pain pills yesterday and they didn't even touch it. Woke up this morning with it still pounding away. I'm so nauseous. Going to lay down for awhile and see if I can't kick it. :(

Thursday, October 25, 2012


I just submitted my first Avon order ever. :)
I'm so excited about this new venture. I am super nervous too. I want to make money while connecting people to great products. I've always liked Avon and I look forward to being an Independent Sales Rep for years to come. I'm still in the process of becoming organized. I'm thinking of taking a small space in the basement and making it my own little Avon hub. I'm thinking a small table or desk, a small bookcase with some nice baskets to keep my supplies, samples and demos and campaign brochures. I already have a small file box that we arent using right now so I can put all my Avon files in that. Would be a good place to sit and do my paperwork, sort my orders, plan my upcoming campaigns. And the kiddos can still play in the playroom where I can keep an eye on them. Maybe tomorrow if I have enough time before work and I've successfully kicked this migraine I will go down and pick a spot and get started.
Anybody have any good ideas or tips on getting organized, staying organized, and/or any business info I should know or look into? I believe a person can never have too much knowledge. And there is always something that you didnt think of that someone else has. :)
On that note its off to bed for me. Gotta get rid of this migraine.
Until tomorrow.....

Unproductive day

Well today was a horrible day. I woke with a migraine and it just won't quit today. I had to call out of work and I've been on the couch all day. Didn't get any crocheting done. Didn't get an Avon work done. No housework done. Barely made the rounds to pick the kiddos up from school. Several painkillers later and it's still killing me. This one is a bad one. Haven't had one this bad in awhile. So now the littles are in bed, waiting for Jay and Robert to return from boy scouts then I've got to go pick up moms prescriptions. Kinda worried about driving. Jay might need to drive. :(
Tomorrow morning I have a meeting with Roberts teacher team then its my turn to volunteer at the school store at the littles school. Hope this migraine goes away. Keeping my fingers crossed. Gotta work at 3 tomorrow.


I've always had a love of crafts. I learned to crochet a few years ago but only over the past couple of months have I really put more effort into it. I have now completed 4 Christmas stockings using the galaxy stitch. I had a little difficulty first but I think I'm getting the hang of it. My biggest problem is that I cannot read a pattern. I have watched a few youtube tutorials and have followed their instruction. I continue to try to read patterns hoping I will finally be able to at some point. I have several projects going right now including 4 afghans for the kids and more stockings. I have tried a couple of cable stitch caps but I think I might be using the wrong kind of yarn for that as I havent liked how they came out so I undid them.  Heres two of the stockings I've done so far. What do you think?
I was hoping someday to maybe sell some of these things as well but I think I need to get a little better and have a more consistent outcome of pieces.