Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane, communication and whatever else

Well we got hit with the hurricane here on the east coast yesterday but thankfully my family and friends have come through with very little damage.  My sister is still without power. But I'm sure they'll be up and running again soon. My other sister lives close to the beach and decided to move further inland to her in-laws for the duration. No news on her house yet. Keeping her in my prayers.
Some serious communication issues going around my house yesterday left me a little upset and angry so I didn't feel too much like blogging. I'd hate for my negative attitude to reflect here. I'm trying to move past the issues. Still pretty upset today but I'm not going to create a stir. It is what it is and apparently nothing I say or do is going to change it. Moving on.

Tomorrow is my favorite holiday Halloween. So Happy Halloween Eve everyone. I have my costume, gotta try it on later and make sure it all fits right. Kids costumes need some minor sewing alterations which I'll take care of today.  :) I can't wait to take them trick or treating.

Think I'll bake some cupcakes today and we can decorate them for Halloween. My sister and her family will be joining us for tricks or treats tomorrow. So happy and excited.

Hope everyone has a good Tuesday.

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