Thursday, May 1, 2014


Hello yarnies, crafters, hookers and all I apologize that there will not be a project if the week this week. Here's the thing in less than 10 days I have a weekend long spring festival so I plan to work for the next 9 ish days on building up some stock. I do have a new project this week but what I figured would work best is to post a little late. So I'm thinking of posting on Sunday or Monday and combining the two weeks so that I can concentrate on stock building. I'm getting a bit nervous about the amount of things I'll have available. I'm so incredibly excited too. I cant wait to share with you the project I'm working on. I'm hoping it will be a bug seller. It is a very 'green' item so I think it will be a big hit. So I hope you all tune in this weekend to check it out. And I promise out regular schedule will resume after the Festival weekend. I thank you all for hanging in there with me and for all your support and understanding.

As always I welcome and appreciate all comments. If anyone has any tips on decorating my booth and or selling tips I greatly appreciate those as well.

Happy Hooking!
~ Katie ~

Friday, April 25, 2014


OMGOSH!! My deepest apologies yarnies, crafters, friends and hookers. I know technically it is not Thursday anymore and I feel horrible that I am so late in posting. I do hope you will all forgive me. And I think you are going to really like what this weeks project is. So without further ado........ 


I found this really neat pattern a couple of years ago for Crochet Cabled Bracelets but I never got around to trying it out. Well I decided now's as good a time as any. I'm sad to say however that I cannot find the original place from which this pattern came. I will gladly share it with you all if you'd like. There are also a couple bracelets in here of my own design. Well lets see some pictures. Enjoy!

Here's the whole shebang!

Cabled Bracelet close up.

Tried out some braided looks.

I was brave and went with the button
hole/button look. Love it.
 These ones are my own designs. I just messed around with single crochet and button holes etc.

These ones are metal bracelets that I crocheted over. 

               So I decided to try some key chains and lanyards while I was at it. I think they are pretty great.  What do you think? Remember these items are not just for girls. Guys love these cabled bracelets too and what dad doesn't need a new key chain or lanyard. ;) 

All of the projects made this week were made using Lily's Sugar n' Cream Cotton Yarn. I just love their variegated looks. This project was super fun and easy and I'm so happy to share it with you all. 

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So that's it folks...that's this weeks installment of the Project of the Week (better late than never right). I hope you like what you saw. Please tell me your thoughts in the comments section below. I love hearing from you all and I will reply. I've got a big weekend long festival coming up in a few weeks and I'd love to hear some great project ideas from you all. I'm looking for summer themed projects that are not too time consuming (meaning I can get a few done in a week at least) and that are use-able to most everyone. I realize cotton is a big factor in these projects and I have lots of it. I cant wait to hear your suggestions. Until next time......

Happy Hooking! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Project Of The Week

Hello all you wonderful peeps out there in the crafting world and beyond. How are you all this week? First let me apologize for not having a sneak peek this week. I was experiencing some technical difficulties with Wi-Fi but we are back up and running again. 

So are you all ready for this weeks installment of the Project of the Week?? 

I'm excited. I've been wanting to do this project for awhile. It just took a little longer because I was searching for just the right pieces. 

And reveal.........

Spa sets/pieces. There are 4 pieces total and I will explain each along with a link to each pattern used. I am in love with these pieces. ;) 

This is a Soap Sack. I just love the look of this. I for one never liked using a bar of soap because the facecloth thing just drove me crazy. But this could be my answer. Best part....its reusable. When your soap is gone just toss it in the wash with your bath laundry and voila its clean as a whistle. Awesome!!

Next up is the Nubby Spa Cloth . I havent used this yet but I could see while making it just how great its potential. This is a great loufa type cloth. I cannot wait to try it out. Completely washable and dryable. 

Then there's Cotton Facial Scrubbers which are just awesome. So instead of buying disposable make-up remover pads these little beauties take the place and they are completely washable and dry-able. And they work just as well. Use them for make-up removing or for applying your daily stringent/cleanser. I'm sure those who wear make-up and those who stick to a daily cleansing ritual will find many wonderful uses for these. And they are adorable.

Here's the first piece I made which fed my desire to create spa sets and led me in search of other items to go with the Mini Cable Face Cloth. I absolutely love this pattern. And it looks so elegant. 

So there we have it folks. Build your own spa set for yourself or as a gift. These would make wonderful Mother's Day gifts. (hint, hint, hint)  What mama doesn't want to take a luxurious bath? This one certainly would. ;) 

They are available in any color you wish also. Make them all the same color or chose the colors that match your current decor. 

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks Project of the Week. Be sure to tune in next week for another exciting project. 
I hope everyone is gearing up for egg-hunts this weekend. Have a Hoppy Easter. 

Happy Hooking

So whats currently on your hooks peeps? Let me know in the comments below. 

“Crochet gives me an inner peace that I treasure each and every day.” – Judith Ferrett

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Hello there yarnies, crafters, hookers and all, I hope you are ready for this weeks Project of the Week.
I saw this set on a Bernat pull (you know one of those papers that hangs in the yarn isles with awesome cute patterns). Anyway I searched and searched the Bernat website but I cannot find this pattern. But they do have other great patterns available. 

Anywho here we go.......this weeks project of the Tray Liner and Coasters.....

So I did three sets and I love them all. But this is my favorite. Offspring #1 actually chose these colors. And I think he was right on. 

I really liked this set too. Sometimes variegated yarn is so nice to work with. I like to see the patterns they create. You can use the same variegated color scheme on different projects and get such a different look with each one. 

Now this 3rd set I did Offspring #3 said she liked this one the best....and I'll admit it has some spunk to it.....

These tray liners measure approx 11"x14" and the Coasters are approx 4" square and they are made with 100% cotton so they are washable. I think they add a lot of style to a typical try liner.

I'm hosting a Tupperware Party in my home in a couple weeks and I'm thinking this will be a great way to spice up the table. Problem now being deciding which one to use. I think they all look wonderful.

Well there ya have it friends. I am working on a table runner/place mat set but I didn't finish it in time for tonight's post. I found another great pattern that I wanted to try but I changed a few things and decided to try my hand at making my own design. So I will show you all that in a few days.

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks Project of the Week.
Do you have a project you'd like to see me make one week? Please feel free to comment below and tell me. These sets will be available in the Etsy Shop later on tonight. Don't forget you can custom order any color scheme you want.

Till next time
Happy Hooking

“Crochet is such a wonderful craft. There are so many facets and variations to explore with a hook and some yarn. The creative possibilities are endless.” – Margaret Hubert (Author of The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet) (absolutely love this book) 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Sneaky Peek!!

HELLO all my fellow hookers, yarnies and crafters how's everyone doing tonight? Hope you all have a had a relaxing or productive weekend. Whichever you were going for. ;)
Is everyone ready for a sneak peek of this weeks Project of the Week?

I'm not sure what kind of hint to give for this project. It can be classified as a kitchen item and a summer item. 

Hmmm? Any guesses??

The possible color combos are endless. This is the set I'm currently in the middle of.
So that's the sneaky peek. Stayed tuned for Thursdays Project of the Week reveal. ;)


In other news this weekend I signed Offspring #5 up for Girls Softball yesterday. Cant wait for that to start. I love homeschooling my kids but I do find that I need to sign them up for more activities to remain social. So I hope this works for her. She has tons of energy and I think she'll like it.


This weekend we were super blessed to have our great niece and great nephew overnight. My bestie brought her youngest offspring with her and we made play-doh. That was super fun and totally surprising. It actually works. I forgot to take pics while we were mixing ingredients etc. I mean with 5 kids and two pots going I wasn't really thinking about my phone lol.

Here it is in the final stages...heating it up until it forms a ball. Yikes that's an arm workout. ;)
But then........


AND THEN.......

this happened....are they not some of the cutest kids ever. They loved the play-doh. 
Its such an easy recipe and really a little ingredients go a long way. I will totally be making more very soon. The end result is awesome. They all played with it all day today. I'm putting this in the win column. 

So that's all for this Sunday night. Lets hear those guesses about the Project of the Week. And let me know if there's a project you want to see me do. ;) 

As always Happy Hooking 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Project Of The Week

Hello my fellow hookers, yarnies and crafters I hope you all are well.
Are you ready for the Project of the Week?? 

Crochet Flip Flops!!! I love wearing flip flops. Ask The Guy. The whole first year we dated I wore flip flops everywhere we went. It didn't matter if we were walking the Cliff Walk in Newport or walking several times around our favorite lake. (we walked a lot that summer) He must've thought I was crazy. I wear my flippy floppy's everywhere. I love them!! I have many many pairs. So imagine my excitement when I found a pattern for Crochet Flip Flops. Seriously?? Two of my most favorite things combined. SOLD!!! 

This is where I found this wonderful pattern. It was not free but I tell you it was well worth the $$. Not expensive. Very clear instructions, several different sizes included and even a list of instructions for sole variations. 

This first pair I made are a size 7-8 and I used the rubber soles from a pair of store bought flip flops of mine. This is one of the sole variations listed in the pattern. I really like this one since it allows me to wear these outside. Yay!! 

These two pairs were made using two crocheted soles sewn together. Which make a perfect Flip Flop Slipper. The pair on the left are a size 7-8 and the pair on the right are 3-4. With the 3-4 size I wanted them to fit my little 8 year old so I used a H-7 (4.5mm) hook instead of the I size hook called for when making the top strap. It made them just a hair smaller for my kiddos little feet. 

Here's 2 of the finished 3-4 size with my kiddos feet in them. ;)
(yes my daughter paints her own toenails...yes they are kind of a sickly green color) 

So this pair I made in a size 3-4 using the jute variation. 1 strand of cotton and 1 strand of jute together for the bottom part of the sole and 2 strands of cotton together for the top part of the sole (sewn together). These are a bit sturdier than just the cotton sole alone but I'm not sure they would make a great outdoor shoe. Maybe on the patio but I wouldn't say for going to the market.
<<<=== Here's a close up of the jute/cotton combo. 

I had so much fun making these and my kiddos and I absolutely love them. I'm so excited to have flip flop slippers for the summer around the house. I don't like being completely barefoot but my moccasin slippers will be too hot for the summer. These are perfect. I cant say that enough. I will be making more of these in lots of colors for that you can be sure. Take a look at all of the ones I did this week. I averaged about a pair a day basically. 

So there ya go my friends. The Project of the Week is Crochet Flip Flops. I am in HEAVEN!! 
Stayed tuned for next weeks project (already on my hook). 

Please tell me what project you'd like to see appear on the Project of the Week. Do you write patterns? Are you currently working on a pattern you'd like for me to try and give my feedback?? Contact me using the space to the right or comment below. I will gladly test your pattern. 

Till next time as always Happy Hooking!

“If more people knitted and crocheted, the world would see fewer wars and a whole lot less road rage.” – Lily Chin

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I'VE WON A MILLION DOLLARS.................

April Fools Day!!! 

haha ok not funny seriously wish I had won a million dollars so my wonderful man who completely supports our family could quit the horrible job that he has. They treat him like crap and use him relentlessly. Its awful and I hate seeing him so stressed out all the time. Someday I pray my business will be a booming success and he can sit back and finally relax and fish all day like he wants to. 
I love him to the moon and back and appreciate all that he does for us. And I wish for better days at work for him at the very least. 


I've been working away at the Project of the Week and have 3 pairs done now. ;) Only 2 more days until the reveal. I've got time to get another 2 pairs done at least so let me hear those color suggestions. 2 colors needed!!! Its so nice to have a list of projects in front of me to watch them getting checked off each week. I've done 4 projects so far. This is very exciting. I am actually staying on track. 


This is a big busy month with Easter and Earth Day around the corner, I'm hosting a Tupperware Party and my oldest offspring turns 16 this month. Oy I cannot believe 16 years has passed since I held that beautiful baby boy in my arms for the first time. He was actually my smallest offspring. You'd never know it now since he's 6'1" tall and has such a deep manly voice. My babies are growing up so quickly. Makes this mama nostalgic. 


The littlest offspring and I began construction on the volcano yesterday. Not the prettiest sight and I do believe another day of drying is in order before painting can begin but we sure had fun doing it and what a mess we made. 
Day 1: Volcano papier mache construction. 
Day 2: Drying

Heres our papier mache recipe:
                                                              2 Cup Flour
16 oz water
1 TBLS Salt
 Mix the ingredients into a liquidy paste. 
*It is best to cut your newspaper strips before the mix or else the mix will dry out if sitting too long. 
Dip you pieces into the mix and remove excess by sliding the strip between your fingers. Wrap around your project and let dry. *may take a day or two depending on the size of your project. 


Well friends that is all for today. Offspring are continuing their schoolwork and I've got some shop work to do. Enjoy your Tuesday and we'll see you all again real soon. 
Comments and Suggestions are always welcome. Is there a project you'd like to see me do for Project of the Week?? Let me know below.  And dont forget to click the We're on the Fence button to vote for my blog. ;) Thank you. 

Happy Hooking