Thursday, November 21, 2013

Getting my crochet on

So a friend of mine and I had recently discussed doing craft shows together. So we have our first one this weekend. Both days, Saturday and Sunday. I am so excited. I've been working night and day to make as much of my items as possible. I've got 2 blankets to show and sell. I've got slouchy hats, beanie hats, ear/head bands, boot cuffs, bath cloths, Christmas stockings, ruffle scarves etc.  I hope I do well. I love making things like this and I'd love for people to wear them and appreciate them. Its so nice to have a hobby that you can share with others. I put together a pattern book. Basically its a 3-ring binder with page protectors and patterns i've done or really want to do. So I put some pics of actual pieces I've done in there too and I put a little price sticker on the top of the page. I've divided the patterns into categories and have a table of contents etc. I got a package of sales order slips also so I'm really hoping to get a few pre-orders also. That would be wonderful. My friend has lots of duck tape accessories that shes been working on as well as some other great crafts. I sure hope we do well. I know we've both worked hard preparing for it. I spent some time setting up a mock table here in the craft room to get a feel for how I'm going to display everything. I have 3 styrofoam mannequin heads to use as well. I think that gives a more professional look. I hope so anyway.
 Ok well I'm off to get some more products done. I am trying to cram in as much as I can. I've got to bang out a couple more women's beanie hats. I'm thinking of doing a couple pairs of basic fingerless gloves also. We'll see if I get to those this time around.
Happy Hooking!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013


So I'm very happy to report the move is 99.9% done. Of course there are the customary few boxes that have not been unpacked and are tucked neatly into a corner in the basement. But thats mostly because I dont have the same spaces as the old house so I dont know yet where those things will take up residency in the new house. My two favorite areas of the house seem to be the kitchen, which I keep rearranging things in and making everyone crazy *insert evil grin*, and the downstairs classroom/craft room, which I also keep rearranging things in and making myself crazy. :) I think the kids and I are settling in nicely to the new house and to the homeschooling adventure. I absolutely love that the stress the kids had experienced all last year has disappeared. I love being able to work with them individually as well. I think it really helps them relax and focus more. I love incorporating fun into my lessons. You not only learn better when your mind is free and relaxed you make tons of memories. I admit by the end of dinner time I am usually very frazzled. Bed time cant come soon enough for me most days :) But its worth it. At least I'm stressed because I'm spending time with my kids. I'm very grateful to have them and I am completely blessed. The day will come (sometimes not as fast as I wish) when they are all grown up and moved out and wont need mom anymore and I know that I will look back at these days and despite the stresses, my heart will swell with love and memories.

I've been working like crazy lately to set up spaces at the holiday bazaars and craft fairs for the season. I have been making beanies, slouchies, earbands, Christmas stockings, potholders, bath puffs etc like a machine to make sure I have some stock to bring with me. I've also been working on the online store at Storenvy (see button in upper left). Taking photos of everything and setting up product descriptions is actually pretty time consuming. But it is all well worth it. This has always been a dream of mine.

I need to start scheduling some serious blog time. I really have to just pick a day of the week and carve a block of time. Thats on my to-do list this week. I wonder what day most of you blog on. Do you choose one day and stick to it or do you just blog whenever the mood strikes? Help me out friends :)