Saturday, October 27, 2012

Another day another dollar

So the scouting for food bag distribution was pretty good today. We have a new, bigger area to cover this year but I think we did a good job. Tyler did excellent for his first time out. He had so much energy and he was running from house to house slinging bags. :-)
Here's a pic of him and Jay. My oldest son doesn't like me taking pics of him and posting them on anything so unfortunately I dont have one of him today :( gosh he's a difficult 14 year old boy/man sometimes but I love him just the same.  After the scouting event we got a couple of those missed assignments done and he went to a friend's for a sleepover. Now I'm at work and was surprised to find another Avon order waiting for me. Yay!  Think I'll spend some time tomorrow setting up the basement area I spoke about. My first order should be arriving early in the week so I want to be setup so I can organize everything that comes.

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