Thursday, April 3, 2014

Project Of The Week

Hello my fellow hookers, yarnies and crafters I hope you all are well.
Are you ready for the Project of the Week?? 

Crochet Flip Flops!!! I love wearing flip flops. Ask The Guy. The whole first year we dated I wore flip flops everywhere we went. It didn't matter if we were walking the Cliff Walk in Newport or walking several times around our favorite lake. (we walked a lot that summer) He must've thought I was crazy. I wear my flippy floppy's everywhere. I love them!! I have many many pairs. So imagine my excitement when I found a pattern for Crochet Flip Flops. Seriously?? Two of my most favorite things combined. SOLD!!! 

This is where I found this wonderful pattern. It was not free but I tell you it was well worth the $$. Not expensive. Very clear instructions, several different sizes included and even a list of instructions for sole variations. 

This first pair I made are a size 7-8 and I used the rubber soles from a pair of store bought flip flops of mine. This is one of the sole variations listed in the pattern. I really like this one since it allows me to wear these outside. Yay!! 

These two pairs were made using two crocheted soles sewn together. Which make a perfect Flip Flop Slipper. The pair on the left are a size 7-8 and the pair on the right are 3-4. With the 3-4 size I wanted them to fit my little 8 year old so I used a H-7 (4.5mm) hook instead of the I size hook called for when making the top strap. It made them just a hair smaller for my kiddos little feet. 

Here's 2 of the finished 3-4 size with my kiddos feet in them. ;)
(yes my daughter paints her own toenails...yes they are kind of a sickly green color) 

So this pair I made in a size 3-4 using the jute variation. 1 strand of cotton and 1 strand of jute together for the bottom part of the sole and 2 strands of cotton together for the top part of the sole (sewn together). These are a bit sturdier than just the cotton sole alone but I'm not sure they would make a great outdoor shoe. Maybe on the patio but I wouldn't say for going to the market.
<<<=== Here's a close up of the jute/cotton combo. 

I had so much fun making these and my kiddos and I absolutely love them. I'm so excited to have flip flop slippers for the summer around the house. I don't like being completely barefoot but my moccasin slippers will be too hot for the summer. These are perfect. I cant say that enough. I will be making more of these in lots of colors for that you can be sure. Take a look at all of the ones I did this week. I averaged about a pair a day basically. 

So there ya go my friends. The Project of the Week is Crochet Flip Flops. I am in HEAVEN!! 
Stayed tuned for next weeks project (already on my hook). 

Please tell me what project you'd like to see appear on the Project of the Week. Do you write patterns? Are you currently working on a pattern you'd like for me to try and give my feedback?? Contact me using the space to the right or comment below. I will gladly test your pattern. 

Till next time as always Happy Hooking!

“If more people knitted and crocheted, the world would see fewer wars and a whole lot less road rage.” – Lily Chin


  1. Wow how cool - I might just have to try those! I love flip flops - but not having to 'break-in' the plastic toe posts!
    Made to measure too!

    1. They were fun to make. A little tough on the hands due to carpal tunnel but I still loved making them. I agree about the plastic ones. I usually try to get ones with a cloth thong. But I loved these for around the house even. so much better than wearing loud flapping ones in the house when these slippers work awesome. ;) I'd love to see what you create. I hope you come back and show us. ;) Happy Hooking Ali.