Thursday, April 17, 2014

Project Of The Week

Hello all you wonderful peeps out there in the crafting world and beyond. How are you all this week? First let me apologize for not having a sneak peek this week. I was experiencing some technical difficulties with Wi-Fi but we are back up and running again. 

So are you all ready for this weeks installment of the Project of the Week?? 

I'm excited. I've been wanting to do this project for awhile. It just took a little longer because I was searching for just the right pieces. 

And reveal.........

Spa sets/pieces. There are 4 pieces total and I will explain each along with a link to each pattern used. I am in love with these pieces. ;) 

This is a Soap Sack. I just love the look of this. I for one never liked using a bar of soap because the facecloth thing just drove me crazy. But this could be my answer. Best part....its reusable. When your soap is gone just toss it in the wash with your bath laundry and voila its clean as a whistle. Awesome!!

Next up is the Nubby Spa Cloth . I havent used this yet but I could see while making it just how great its potential. This is a great loufa type cloth. I cannot wait to try it out. Completely washable and dryable. 

Then there's Cotton Facial Scrubbers which are just awesome. So instead of buying disposable make-up remover pads these little beauties take the place and they are completely washable and dry-able. And they work just as well. Use them for make-up removing or for applying your daily stringent/cleanser. I'm sure those who wear make-up and those who stick to a daily cleansing ritual will find many wonderful uses for these. And they are adorable.

Here's the first piece I made which fed my desire to create spa sets and led me in search of other items to go with the Mini Cable Face Cloth. I absolutely love this pattern. And it looks so elegant. 

So there we have it folks. Build your own spa set for yourself or as a gift. These would make wonderful Mother's Day gifts. (hint, hint, hint)  What mama doesn't want to take a luxurious bath? This one certainly would. ;) 

They are available in any color you wish also. Make them all the same color or chose the colors that match your current decor. 

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks Project of the Week. Be sure to tune in next week for another exciting project. 
I hope everyone is gearing up for egg-hunts this weekend. Have a Hoppy Easter. 

Happy Hooking

So whats currently on your hooks peeps? Let me know in the comments below. 

“Crochet gives me an inner peace that I treasure each and every day.” – Judith Ferrett


  1. Some great projects there Katie and they would make lovely gifts, Have a great Easter :)

    1. Thanks so much Linda. I like these sets too. Lots of fun to make too. I hope you had a great Easter. Kids did an egg hunt and loved it, dinner with family always a good time and lots of candy YIKES!! ;)

  2. Hi Katie :-) I found you through Linda's stashbusting link party. This looks like a terrific set! Happy stashbusting :-)

    1. Hi there first off thanks for visiting. I love the stashbusting party. Its so great to see so many different things from different people. I'll be by to check out your blog soon. Keep an eye out for me ;) Take care and I do hope you'll visit again. Every Thursday is a new Project of the Week. ;)