Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Sneaky Peek!!

HELLO all my fellow hookers, yarnies and crafters how's everyone doing tonight? Hope you all have a had a relaxing or productive weekend. Whichever you were going for. ;)
Is everyone ready for a sneak peek of this weeks Project of the Week?

I'm not sure what kind of hint to give for this project. It can be classified as a kitchen item and a summer item. 

Hmmm? Any guesses??

The possible color combos are endless. This is the set I'm currently in the middle of.
So that's the sneaky peek. Stayed tuned for Thursdays Project of the Week reveal. ;)


In other news this weekend I signed Offspring #5 up for Girls Softball yesterday. Cant wait for that to start. I love homeschooling my kids but I do find that I need to sign them up for more activities to remain social. So I hope this works for her. She has tons of energy and I think she'll like it.


This weekend we were super blessed to have our great niece and great nephew overnight. My bestie brought her youngest offspring with her and we made play-doh. That was super fun and totally surprising. It actually works. I forgot to take pics while we were mixing ingredients etc. I mean with 5 kids and two pots going I wasn't really thinking about my phone lol.

Here it is in the final stages...heating it up until it forms a ball. Yikes that's an arm workout. ;)
But then........


AND THEN.......

this happened....are they not some of the cutest kids ever. They loved the play-doh. 
Its such an easy recipe and really a little ingredients go a long way. I will totally be making more very soon. The end result is awesome. They all played with it all day today. I'm putting this in the win column. 

So that's all for this Sunday night. Lets hear those guesses about the Project of the Week. And let me know if there's a project you want to see me do. ;) 

As always Happy Hooking 

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