Monday, December 24, 2012


I know its been much going on. Bazaar was horrible. Sold nothing. Not very many customers and the few were not really interested. :( very disappointing. I worked my butt off to prepare and had about $400 in avon product along with all my crochet pieces. :'(
Lots of crazy happenings at work. Nothing good of course just crappy politics really .
Had to bring my mom to the er by rescue last Tuesday.  She was having increasing didficulty breathing. Turns out she has lots of clusters of blood clots in her lungs. So they admitted her and shes been there on a heperin drip ever since. Doesnt look like she'll be sprung before Christmas. :'( :'( :'(
So its 12:19am on Christmas Eve now. :) and im super excited for Christmas.  This is year is going to be great. I have the love of my life to celebrate it with and my kiddos have finally had a fantastic season. It all started with Thanksgiving.  Which we hosted at our house and had my family here. It was awesome. Then we had the kids picture with Santa and we got our tree and decorated it and jay and I shopped and got the majority of out gifts bought early. Its been great. Jay has been the greatest thing thats ever happened to us. To me. I really am so lucky. I cant wait for him to open his gifts on Christmas morning too. :) im so excited. I feel like a little kid again. He even helped me make Christmas fudge tonight. Well im going to get back to working on this scarf for a very special someone, my niece.  
Merry Christmas!!!!! Im so excited. :)

Btw thats my baby girl all curled up on my foot stool while im crocheting.  :)

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