Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween and Such

Well Halloween was great. One of the best I've had in such a long time. I was very happy with my costume, Queen of the Nile. :) The kiddos looked great Alexa was a skeleton girl, Tyler was Spiderman, and Abby was Jesse the Cowgirl from Toy Story. :) My sister and her two daughters came trick or treating with us. My sister was a Clown, Maggie was a Zombie and Emily-Rose was a Banana! Jay and our awesome doggie Dudley came with us. I cannot believe how much candy these kids got. As for the trick or treaters that came to the house I'd say we had a lot. I bought 8 bags of candy and had only about 15 pieces of candy leftover. I havent had this much fun on Halloween in a long time. There are tons of people in this neighborhood. It was so nice to see so many other adults dressed up as well. I also finally have a yard to decorate. Next year will be better though. I plan to buy a whole lot more decorations. Maybe next year I'll do some kind of Halloween party the weekend before. Or something like that or can maybe use the basement or the garage. It would be so awesome.

Well it was back to work for me today and I actually got 2 more Avon orders and might be getting another by morning. Keeping my fingers crossed. :) Ya know for my first real order and hardly any direction from anyone I dont think I've done too bad. Gotta start somewhere right? Well I've started and hopefully I can make it something pretty good. I'm determined.

So tomorrow I have to make some phone calls and try to figure out a way to get my littles some assistance. They've had a very difficult year and alot of adjustments have been made and I can tell they are very confused. So I will make the phone calls and hope that I can get some appointments and get them back to feel a-ok.

Pretty tired now. Guess its time for me to hit the sack. Trying to destress and get organized. I'm looking forward to our first Christmas in the new house and as a new family unit but at the same time I'm dreading the amount of work Christmas brings with it.

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